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OLIMPIADE EKONOMI 16th "Financial Technology For Economic Growth"

Event Lampung - Himpunan Mahasiswa Ekonomi Pembangunan Universitas Airlangga proudly present : OLIMPIADE EKONOMI 16th "Financial Technology For Economic Growth" For all high schools in Indonesia. 

The elimination round is held on September 15, 2019 throughout Indonesia with the Offline and Online examination system. 🔹Offline elimination round is for the 28 regions we have visited. 🔹The online elimination round is for all cities in Indonesia that we haven’t been able to visit (or not including 28 regions offline). •Online registration : June 1 - September 13, 2019

www.oeunair.com ( pendaftaran.oeunair.com ) •Registration fee :
-Offline : 150k/team
-Online : 120k/team •Requirements :
-1 team consists of 2 students
-Scan student cards

Registration :
Line : bonitanura
Line : yeftaoka
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Twitter : oeunair16th
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Email : oeunair@gmail.com

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